Crucial Steps of Constructing a Shipping Container Home 

Nowadays, a shipping container house is one of the most common choices for an affordable and eco-friendly housing option. If you are reading this article, chances are you are considering buying a shipping container structure. 


However, before you get too excited about your residential shipping container design Sierra Madre, here are several things you have to consider: 

Rust Prevention and Treatment 

It does not matter what material you pick to build your home with, weaknesses and tradeoffs are a fact of life. Wooden houses are prone to termite infestation and decay. Concrete houses are faced with crumbling, settling, and cracking. With shipping container houses, the main problems are corrosion and rust. That is why you should always consider rust prevention and treatment.  

Setting a Realistic Budget 

It’s extremely vital to assign a particular budget that meets your plan properly. Not every individual knows simply how many costs come along with constructing a container house. Several things to remember when setting up a budget includes: 

  • Finishes and painting 
  • Flooring and roofing 
  • Extra build pieces 
  • Window installation 
  • Insulation 
  • The container themselves 
  • Permits 

It is suggested that you’ve got a contingency allowance of 25%. Unexpected things will and can happen during the project. It does not matter how much you plan for it. There are 2 phrases you have to keep in mind. This includes “It is better to have it and not require it than require it and not have it” and “hope for the best and plan for the worst”. 

Planning Your Build 

You’re planning to fail if you fail to plan. Just like any other project, it is vital and a major time saver to catch errors and possible wrong-doings on paper before it hits the actual process of building it.  

When planning the construction project, a couple of the key things to consider are project timeline, zoning, design, and budget.  

Zoning Permits 

This certain step has the possibility to totally call off the project before it even begins. A couple of regional planning departments are still yet to accept the concept of shipping container structures. As you may know, obtaining a permit in places familiar with shipping container structures is a lot simpler compared to those places with no previous builds. 

Before you buy a land, you should talk to a local planning department to ensure they’re at ease with the concept of a shipping container structure.  

Installing Insulation 

This is one of the most vital stages of the build. While the steel walls might protect you against exterior elements, they don’t hold the ability to keep comfortable temperatures. They require insulation, just like traditional houses.  

Insulating your container properly before the construction will guarantee comfortable temperatures every season of the year. Also, it will be a lot more energy-efficient. Thus, you will save money in the long run if you properly insulate your shipping container house. 

Your house will lose heat a lot simpler if you do not insulate it. Also, you’ll find a lot of moisture inside your home.